Just 16 Calories

Boost ‘alternative energy’

There are a lot of drinks out there that will get your heart pumping like a thirsty oil pump on a Texas morning, but we prefer the alternative approach.
Each bottle of Boost by VITHIT contains 100% RDA of energy releasing b vitamins, with Rooibos tea, which is packed with Antioxidants.  Boost also contains Ginseng, which for years has been used as a natural energiser in the far East.  All together, this makesboost the ‘energy alternative’ within ‘alternative energy’!


Water, juice (10%), (7 % blackberry, rose hip 1%, strawberry 0.9 %, blueberry 0.3 %, raspberry 0.3 %, elderberry 1.%, blackcurrant .02 %, grape 0.3 %), Rooibos tea extract, citric acid, ginseng infusion, flavourings, sucralose, vitamin blend (vitamin C, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, folic acid, biotin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B1). (E) Bebida sin gas de fruta cítrica con ginseng y té blanco. Ingredientes: agua, zumo de fruta cítrica 10% ( naranja 7%, mandarina 2,5%, pomelo 0.5%), extracto de té blanco, ácido cítrico, Ginseng, sucralosa, mezcla de vitaminas (vitamina C, niacina, ácido pantoténico, vitamina B6, vitamina B1, ácido fólico, biotina, vitamina B12).

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